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Niagara Falls Facts

This process largely affects the volume of water that the falls contains. The amount of water intake by these hydroelectric plants can vary depending on two contributory factors. These include the time of day... Source of information..

18 Weeks Pregnant

Many people say that the pregnancy’s second trimester is its honeymoon stage. This is because during this phase, the expecting mother has gone through a number of symptoms brought by the first semester such as morning sickness, vomiting, nausea and others. It is also during these times that she gets more comfortable with the physiological changes caused by pregnancy and... More on this page..

Neuroblastoma In Children

It is important to remember that a Neuroblastoma is a malignant type of cancer. This should be important during the treatment process. Neuroblastoma in... More on this site..

Free Invitation Maker

No they don’t do that. They assist visitors and guide them by providing clear and easy to comprehend step by step instructions to inspire you to actually finish what you have started. Some people disregard these offers... Continue reading..

Hotels Asheville NC

It features an outdoor swimming pool, sauna bath tub and health facilities. It also extends tours and tickets assist services as well as attendant service. Brookstone Lodge – a 3... To read more click here...

Curly Hair Styles

One of the major complaints of those girls with curly hairs is that curly hair can be very hard to manage. There are a few good tips that curly haired women can use in order to tame their rebellious... Find out more...

Jobs In El Paso TX

If you are living in the Texas area and you are looking for a job, one of the best cities to go to is El Paso. Not only is it one of the largest cities in the state but it is also one of the economically stable cities in the western area. There are numerous industries that can offer jobs in El... Source of information..

Jamaica All Inclusive

There are a number of locations in Jamaica where you can find the best all inclusive resorts like Negril, Port Maria and Port Antonio. These resorts offer its vacationers a tropical vacation of high quality. They offer holiday vacation packages which provide you with all the things you look forward to in a vacation. These accommodations include flight, land transportation, meals, entertainment, refreshments, taxes and... More on this page..

Jobs In Grand Rapids MI

It is able to do that by building subsidiary hospitals, clinics, health facilities and care facilities that caters to patients around Michigan. Because of this vast network, the company is the top employer of the city with over sixteen thousand employees. Anyone looking for a job in the medical industry can go try their lucks... Click here to read more..

Home Equity In Hawaii

You can even find a website that provides a list of information regarding all the lenders allowing you to make the right choice. Home equity in Hawaii is very desirable if you know how to find the best rates by making extensive research online. There are two kinds of home equity product that must be familiar to you namely HELOC (Home Equity Lines of Credit) and Home Equity Loans (Second Mortgages). Acquiring HELOC... Click here to read more..

Teacher Gift Ideas

You can also write some quotes or appreciation notes at the front page of the book. Teacher’s Accessories You can give your dear teachers personalized desk accessories such as pen and pencil holder, paper weights and a calendar. These things are very helpful to them and your teacher will... More on this page..

Hotels Sedona Az

You can now have a reason to travel light the next time. There is no need for you to worry about what... Continue reading..

NYC Parking Garages

There are other websites that provide sufficient information not for free. It is very important for you to abide by the meter... Click here to read more..

Towing Games

Some men even coin their cars as their ‘babies’ for these things are too valuable for them just like their own kids. Unfortunately, not all men have the capability to purchase a car or a truck or any other vehicle for that matter. So for those who cannot afford to purchase or are still stuck in their dreams or obsessions in driving fast cars or even those who... More on this page..

13 Weeks Pregnant

There will be another set of changes that will take place physically and physiologically. Nonetheless, the expecting mother must still continue to get regular exercise and eat nutritious foods not only for her consumption but more importantly for the baby’s. This healthy lifestyle must be retained as her 40 weeks of journey continues. How much has the fetus developed at the 13th week of pregnancy? The... More on this site..

Ovulation Predictor

But what is an ovulation period? This is the time wherein the ovaries actually release an egg out of the ovaries and into the fallopian tube. When an egg is already out, the sperm will be free to penetrate it and the woman will get pregnant. When a couple will have intercourse during days that the ovaries have not released an egg yet, there will... Read more..

Cheap International Flights

Because of the increase in gas prices, this definitely affects the way airlines charge their customers. But people should not worry that much since there are different ways on how to get cheap international flights. There are a lot of you that are easily turned off by the thought of expensive airplane tickets especially since the travel will be outside the country. But as long as you know the tricks and the time to purchase... More on this site..

Bar Mirrors

For many party lovers, they find it important to create a space inside the house that has a fun and festive setting. A lot of people think that home bars are only for popular and rich individuals when in fact, even the middle- income class can have this great space at home. A great bar can never be complete without bar mirrors to decorate the space with. These mirrors are both functional and... Source..

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Hello! My name is Hayden and welcome to my site. I did this blog as a project specially for Writing ESCO, which is an ESL and Web Design course. If you want to work with me, simply use the contact form found on this page. Below is my CV, with some examples of sites and articles I posted earlier.

Graduated with distinction from New York State
13 years of marketing and advertising experience (specifically intended for Online individuals)
6 years of website design experience.
Committed, team player employee with a taste for facts.

Employment Experience.
Writing ESCO,2010 - Present
Staff Manager
Given the task of arranging a international crew of internet writers to suit a demanding list of increased objectives and goals.
- Make cutting edge records for output, growing production by 18% around the world
- Effectively handled continuous logs of project distribution
- Supervised QA for worldwide development over a large crew of writers

Self-employed Wp Website Designer

Additional Skills
Proficient in Macedonian
Outstanding knowledge using a extensive choice of office software

Some of my work can be found here:

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Letters from China - Table of Contents

In January 2003, I went to China after I finished studying in Montreal.

I went to China, ostensibly, to have a cultural experience... truthfully, though, I went to China because I knew it was going to be weird. Weirder than Canada. More interesting than Canada.

And it was. I'd like to say something formulaic, like it opened my eyes, or changed my perspective or, even, that I *shudder* found myself. All that happened, really, is that I had some great food, some hearty laughs, and I saw some beautiful places.

Is that so bad?

Do I recommend going to China?

Only if it'll never get weird enough for you...